Friday, June 7

the national cancer society gave me a free pack of cigarettes

schooooool's out... foah... summa... yeah! can't believe it's actually over, i forgot that school years actually ever end... it kind of feels like the whole thing was one big nightmare, with the exception of drawing & painting which rocked me all night long.

i have ACT's tomorrow, so i guess i'm not really doing anything anymore tonight. sometimes i really hate hormones..

my head still is kinda sore from my disc golfing extravaganzas last weekend, i'll highlight them briefly..

:friday discing with sarah, adrienne, ben roovers and travis R, sarah hit me right in the back instead of nicely curving the disc around me, it was funny though. it's ok sarah.

:saturday morning, with adrienne, dan & matt, and their brothers, some guy hits me SQUARE in the right thigh, i swear it couldn't have been more perfect if jesus himself was there, but it didn't leave a bruise oddly enough. hurt alot though, thanks for the warning buddy.

:before the previous, adrienne and i were arguing over the front seat because she said it's automatic in dan cooley's car and i said well you have to call it my fine feathered friend, so she threw a disc at my butt but was a little off and hit me in the side of the head about 1.5 mm's from my ear. yeah OW....

:before that, playing teatherball, i was about to bust adrienne for roping it when it hit me square in the nose, that wasn't too bad though i think my nose is permanently numb from breaking it 2 1/2 times.

i also have about a thousand other bruises that i don't even remember where they're from. so everyone feel sorry for me, wooo, hah.

goo goo goo joob.

Sunday, May 26

the sun ain't yellow, it's chicken

well folks, it's been a pretty rockin' memorial day weekend or whatever it is so far.

thursday i hung out at char's with some people, friday i did thesame thing but we played truth or dare, and it definitely rocked my socks.. it was really fun, there were various strange physical activities which took place, then a long fireside chat following some potentially embarassing questions which WERE answered honestly... minus the fire because it was freakin' cold. was there sorta late, it was awesome.

did thesame yesterday, hung out with adrienne for a while then we thrifted and went to gap with katie please. then i went to chars again (crazy!) and we just kind of hung out there for most of the night. probably sounds boring to you folk(s) but it was cool, trust me on this one. would i lie to you?

i felt rather like a tool however, because during truth or dare i forgot who it was that i have a crush on or whatever that is, it was mondo lame... then i remmbered that i forgot. sheeze, how could i freakin' forget. i don't know. but crushes? i dont know if i believe in that, or whatever it is, but i don't know how to explain it. ok done with that.

kudos to extremely large teacups, awesome thrift store hats and cool gap underwear!

i'm tired, computers suck.

goo goo goo joob

Wednesday, May 22

mrs loeschow is the queen of my heart

she gave me the prettiest flowers! ohmgiosh. i facepainted today at the art fair, it was pretty fun but i got so hot and i sweatted alot, but it's all good because later i discovered that i wasn't the only one.

i've barely even been here at all the past three days, i think i know adrienne's dad better than i do my own.. craziness. yesterday was crazy! so was today.

so much homework, i can't even believe how busy this week has been/ is. i HATE SCHOOL. so much. i honestly don't think i can take another day of it. bu ti guess i have no choice.

hayy, C- on my algebra test! where's my pat on the back at?

so i almost quit my job today but noone was in the office, and i had to go to the orthodontist to get alot of cold air blown on the most sensitive tooth in my entire body so i didn't have time to track someone down. poopy, eh?

well. shoulder hurts and havent' started homework, have a nice night y'all.

goo goo goo joob

Sunday, May 19

don't wear sandals to a ska show

soi went to skappleton for about 30 minutes, stinky and i kept getting skanked into. i'm surprised my feet are still fully intact. it was ok but nothing incredible.. kind of boring, and it smelled really gross.

i have tow ork tomorrow and i'm telling them that im done working there in three weeks. take that!

i got the coolest stuff today rummage saleing, mighty mighty bosstones for $1, and 3 oldies tapes for $.25 each. talk about a steal! aaaaand, i hackey sacked today, that was pretty fun.

well i spend way too much time here. time for bed, cyaz.

goo goo goo joob

Friday, May 17

don't take cellphones for granted

well i don't so far have anything to do, i called katie pease and carrots earlier but noone answered so perhaps i shall try again later. call me or IM me folks-ritathewalrus-, i'z got nothin ta do.

goo goo goo joob

mmn... hmmn... do the hustle!

well, we got an extension on our science project, anyone surprised? not i, said the cow.

nothing to do. blah blah bla-blah, bla bla blah bla-blah, i wanna be sedated.. no i don't.

goo goo goo joob

Thursday, May 16

ohh honey pie, won'tcha please come home...

did i call it or what?! i got the job! hooray! getting out of that shithole that calls itself the radisson paper valley. weyy-hey!!

cindy's place, here i come.. everyone come visit us this summah. that job is gonna rock, awesome food for awesome wages! oh ho ho.

just about a week and a half to go.

only like fifteen days of school left too, not counting weekends or nothin'.. sheesh. i'm really excited for summer, but it'll suck without some of the cool seniors.

!my braces are off!! forgot to mention that. feels great, feels slippery. feels strange, but it's nice to have those nasty things gone forever. alot of people like it, which is strange because people are actually commenting on me, which is even stranger... what? anyway, glad it's finished, after gagging about three times and about three hours of sanding and polishing.

time to go do something else instead of waste my time on this pile of plastic.

goo goo goo joob

Sunday, May 12

i look at you all.. see the love there that's sleeping.. while my guitar gently weeps...

holy poopy.. work sucks! i'm seriously on my way out, i'd be surprised if i lasted more than 3 more weeks.

my shoulder hurts like a motha... dizamn extra vertebrate is really killing me.

anyone else want to do my homework? i stil lhaven't started, surprise surprise.

i want some blue chips, salted. too bad mine are unsalted, aka bland. my life sucks! agrh. i like my new clothes.

goo goo goo joob